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PSC steel casting foundry

About Our High Quality Steel Casting Foundry

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Pacific Steel Casting Company was founded in 1934 and is based in Berkeley, California USA. Our steel foundry manufactures high quality carbon, low-alloy and stainless steel castings for U.S. and International customers, mainly for heavy-duty trucks, oil drilling construction equipment and other heavy industrial end-markets. The steel castings our foundry produces range from just 1 ounce to 7000lbs using the shell mold, green sand, and air set steel casting processes. We have become one of the most respected leaders in our industry, and we are the only U.S. company that offers three plants - and the associated production and cost benefits - in one location!

Pacific Steel delivers the highest value in steel castings through our industry leadership in casting design, manufacturing, and customer service. Since opening in 1934, our dedication to our craft has remained the same. While we have seen the steel foundry industry and our company through many changes, some things have remained absolutely the same; we use of the most advanced technology, care for our customers, and have a great passion for hard work.

With more than 80 years of steel foundry experience, we understand the part steel castings play in your industry. That is why our design and manufacturing recommendations integrate those needs from step one of the design process. Developing custom solutions for every project enables us to solve even the most complicated challenges. Our manufacturing and other processes are founded on time-proven methods enhanced by technology and process improvements to deliver the highest quality end product to our customers. Continual reinvestment in our plants, our technology, and our process disciplines drives our ability to meet customer demand and expectations.

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Steel Casting Facts

A Manufacture of High Quality Steel Castings

Whether your steel casting need is a precision-driven pattern or a “big idea” that has yet to materialize, we can take your project from start to a perfect finish! Our three steel foundry plants; shell mold, green sand, and air-set, make it possible for us to manufacture high quality, precision made and engineered components from one ounce to 7,000 pounds.

Our Promise to Our Customers

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We operate with a very simple and straightforward approach: provide excellent service and manufacture superior quality steel castings. Pacific Steel's foundry has thrived despite economic challenges and changes in our industry because of that commitment to innovation and quality. Our loyal customers return because we deliver on that promise each and every day.

Our Promise to Our Community

At Pacific Steel Casting Company we understand and take very seriously the need to protect our environment! As a result, we have installed state-of-the-art carbon adsorption systems in all three Pacific Steel foundry plants to reduce odors and other emissions. Formal recycling initiatives are part of our core business practices. Environmental responsibility is more than regulatory requirements to us—it is in fact a promise to the community in which we reside.

Vital Industry Partnerships Help Us Serve You

We are proud of our 75-year history and leadership position within the steel casting industry. We consider our industry partnerships to be vital to better serving our customers. It is through these associations that we learn about new technologies and other important enhancements. The result is better products and increased value for our customers.