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It is essential that the product designer and our engineers be in close agreement during every phase of the design process to deliver the desired quality result.

We practice a collaborative approach – Concurrent Engineering – using modeling software that gives you a view into the design steps leading up to the patterning phase.

Computer assistance and tools also:

  • Provide for rapid prototyping
  • Aid in critical analysis steps that yield shortened development cycles

Since Pacific Steel opened in 1934, our dedication to our craft has remained the same. While we have seen our industry and company through many changes, some things have remained absolutely the same—use of the most advanced technology, care for our customers, and passion for hard work.

Pacific Steel has become one of the most respected leaders in our industry. That is due in large part to the way we partner with our customers on all projects.

Whether the need is a precision-driven pattern or a “big idea” that has yet to materialize, we can take your project from start to perfect finish. Our three plants—shell mold, green sand, and air-set—make it possible for us to create precision made and engineered components from one ounce to 7,000 pounds.

Technology Designed to Shorten Your Production Cycle

From the design stage through testing and production we work closely with you to share the essential data—going from concept to model in a matter of hours. In that time we are able to produce computer simulations for solidification and stress analysis while performing other essential structural tests.

Whether it’s anticipating wear and usage scenarios or working with you to analyze and evaluate your product production considerations, we make sure your expectations are integrated into the workflow at the initial design steps to achieve:

  • Strong collaboration between you and our design engineers
  • A virtual view into your project with Concurrent Engineering which means you work directly with our design engineers, exchange files, and confer on specification changes through the entire design cycle
  • Flawless coordination with your sales representative as your primary contact to keep you informed each step of the way, from order to delivery

Initial Review
Design specifications and other requirements are carefully reviewed from inception. Every casting request is handled as a custom job.
Risering Design
Molds must have properly placed and sized risers to feed liquid metal into casting during solidification.
Flow Analysis
The flow analysis process analyzes casting and gating design to predict and minimize flow-related defects such as misruns, oxide formation, or mold erosion due to excessive velocities during filling.