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The PSII Process: Driving Quality, Efficiencies, and Customer Value

PSII is our adaptation of Lean, a
business philosophy and approach
introduced almost 50 years ago.

We use the PSII discipline to continually review and change our processes and systems to deliver a continuous stream of value to our customers.

This process is deployed throughout all of Pacific Steel enabling us to identify waste, redundancies, and deficiencies that ultimately can impact our performance and the value we deliver to our customers.

Industry Recognition and
Affiliations: Supporting
Innovation and Quality

ISO 9001:2008

ABS Certificate of Conformance

ABS Certificate of Casting

Facility and Process Approval

Det Noreske Veritas Approval of Manufacture Certificate

2009 PACAAR Quality Achievement


Our Quality Control system is based on the ISO 9001:2000 standard throughout design, production, shipping, and customer service. Whether initiating a chemical analysis of the metals and sand used, or testing the tensile strength and dimensional specs of our final output, key indicators are monitored to assure comprehensive quality control.

The result is a shortened lead-time and surprisingly fast turnaround through our highly refined Just-In-Time delivery process.

Our Promise to Our Customers: Highest Quality Product at the Best Value

We are able to offer a consistent level of high-quality castings due to our constant investment in the efficiencies of our processes and manufacturing options. With three plants at our Berkeley location and our Global Services Option, no other provider can offer the production options and overall value Pacific Steel delivers. As a result, over 98% of our customers return to us for additional castings.

Performance Standards Are More than Just a Management Slogan

Our production processes exceed the industry standard. Each and every steel casting is subjected to rigorous quality controls integrated into our production system. This monitored testing ensures that the product meets the specifications of our customers every time.

We Value Your Opinion.

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