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shell mold steel foundry

Shell Mold Steel Casting Foundry

Built with volume, quality and efficiency foremost in mind, Pacific Steel Casting Company's shell mold foundry plant is among the most highly automated and best integrated in the steel casting industry! In this plant, we specialize in intricate small steel castings, from one ounce to 60 pounds. Monthly capacity exceeds 600 tons. Relatively short lead times are made possible by the foundry's high degree of automation, as well as its design, which minimizes material handling and increases throughput. Complementary processes such as shell core making and shell molding are co-located, eliminating wasted motion. An automated monorail system on the pouring line is part of a highly capable, automated production process that's consistent, predictable and controllable at every step.

Each heat in the shell mold casting plant is tapped into a transfer ladle and moved automatically to the pouring bay area of the steel foundry, while a spectrometer provides analytical control. Core making is also located only steps away from the molding operation it supports, minimizing material handling and boosting throughput.

Three double and two single semi-automatic shell molding and assembly stations are located in the steel foundry alongside the molding bay. Both 15x20 inch and 20x30 inch plates produce intricate small steel castings from one ounce to 60 pounds, in high volume. Controlled-speed conveyors move molds through the steel foundry's pouring line and into an environmentally controlled cooling room, all in a hands-off system. Once through the automatic system, steel castings are transported to the cutting and cleaning area, moving over conveyors quickly and efficiently to in process inspection. The shell mold steel casting plant is designed for automated, high volume production with maximum throughput!