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Pacific Steel Casting Customer Testimonies

Major Oil Tools Manufacturer:

"We began our relationship with Pacific Steel back in 1996 based on their reputation for service and value. Those qualities still hold true after almost fifteen years. Attention to detail and willingness to help us out in any way is consistent. They also understand and assist with the rigorous casting certification process required in our industry."

Major Component Manufacturer for Offshore and Land Drilling:

"Pacific Steel Casting Company came through for us; helped my company meet a critical commitment that could have derailed our entire project."

Major Component Manufacturer for Offshore and Land Drilling:

"In working with Pacific Steel over the last two years, I have found Pacific Steel to be a company that acts with integrity and does what they say they are going to do."

Large US Gear and Drive Manufacturer:

"We were in search of a reputable company that would consistently hit our delivery targets and provide castings of the highest quality. It was also critical that we partner with a provider who would work closely with our engineers to develop project designs that were truly tailored to our needs. We chose Pacific Steel based on their reputation in these areas of service. From the onset of our relationship, Pacific Steel has consistently met those expectations."