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Steel castings typically outperform

  • More cost effective
  • Closer net shape than forgings
  • Omni directional strength
    vs. directional strength in forgings


Casting performance is far superior to weld-ment products. Most weld-ment/fabrications can be converted to castings.


Casting is the oldest form of metal manufacturing as early tools and swords were cast in the ground (sand).


Recycling is a key part of the casting process. Pacific Steel recycles:

  • Over 40,000 tons of sand that would otherwise have entered landfills
  • 19,608 tons of steel
  • 84 tons of cardboard
  • 405 tons of wood

Customer: Farm equipment supplier
Industry: Hydraulic and farm equipment
Customer Problem: Company was having issues with driveline yokes — sand inclusions occurred during machining, and the product life was just one week.
Pacific Steel Solution: Overhauled the existing pattern, eliminating the sand issue, and improved the product life by performing proper heat treat and testing of the castings. Parts provided are still functioning well beyond the former one-week life span.

Customer: A major oilfield equipment manufacturer
Industry: Oil and Gas
Customer Problem: Needed the right solution for a new generation of ram blowout preventers (BOP). Were considering both steel forgings and steel castings. Cost and production time were major considerations.
Pacific Steel Solution: Pacific Steel worked with the customer to design and develop a full spectrum of castings for major components of customer’s BOP's. Parts included bodies, doors, rams, and cylinder heads. Components were delivered on a very aggressive timeline and met the customer budget expectation.

Customer: Major Solar Energy Company
Industry: Alternative Energy-Sun
Customer Problem: The assembly needed parts in the mechanism that allowed the collector to follow the sun. Customer was looking for an efficient, accurate, and cost effective approach.
Pacific Steel Solution: The customer was provided machined and engineered steel castings, ready for assembly. These strong, simple steel castings replaced the awkward welded assemblies at a cost that met customer expectations and exceeded customer specifications for accuracy and design excellence.

Vital Industry Partnerships Help Us Serve You

We are proud of our 75-year history and leadership position within the steel casting industry. We consider our industry partnerships to be vital to better serving our customers. It is through these associations that we learn about new technologies and other important enhancements. The result is better products and increased value for our customers.

Visit the Steel Founders Society of America Website for industry information.

We encourage you to visit the Steel Founders Society of America web site for industry information about metal castings. Get a third-party perspective on steel castings versus other methods of manufacturing metal parts, and review guidelines on how to work with a steel castings supplier.

Working with a Metal Castings Supplier: A Planning Worksheet

Selecting the right supplier for your steel castings needs requires clear communication of your design requirements, a focus on upfront planning, and collaboration at every step of the design process.

This overview can help you articulate your project needs and work more effectively with a supplier.

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